Top Rated 7 Best Penis Extender Devices Reviews 2023!

Are you looking for a solution to make your penis grow bigger and stronger? Do you want to impress your lady with your big dick? Well, there are lots of penis enlargement products available and using best penis extender devices can really help you out.

Who doesn’t want to imagine his penis in the smooth and sexy hands? Ohh…let’s don’t go to deep and intimate. The matter of fact is that whether you want or not, you need to have bigger and stronger penis to satisfy your partner on bed. With that said, let’s have a look on top 7 best penis extenders on the market today.

Top Rated 7 Best Penis Extender Devices

There are lots of male penis extenders available on the market today, but not all of them are worthy to buy. So how could you find the best one for you as neither we have enough time nor money invest all of them to check which one works best for you. Therefore, here I have listed top 7 penis girth extender devices on the market to make your job easy.

#1 – ProExtender – Overall Best Penis Extender Device


ProExtender is our recommended best penis extender device to make your penis grow bigger. This penis enlargement device claims to enlarge penis size by one inch every month. This is the best result that you cannot found with any other device.

But this doesn’t mean that with long lasting use you should expect to hold record of longest penis size 🙂 as everything has its maximum limit. ProExtender is one of such penis extenders that are medically approved to be a safest alternative to surgical procedure.

This extender device work by implementing light stretching on the penis and this stretching effect help in improving the blood circulation in penile area along with multiplying tissues. This penis extender device is very comfortable, convenient, painless, and discreet under clothing. The results provided are long lasting, permanent, and safe.

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#2 – Quick Extender Pro – Realistic Penis Extender Device

quick extender pro

Another top rated penis extender device that I found on the market other than Pro Extender is Quick Extender Pro. This device also works prominently by exerting gentle tension and stretching on your penis. Quick Extender Pro is known to be designed with the strongest penile extender model.

The device uses one of the best quality double strap system combined with foam padded comfort pads that makes it comfortable and controlled tension on your penis. With spring arms added on the device, it exerts force of about 4000 grams in daily extension.

Quick Extender Pro is built with light-weighted aluminum metal that makes it light and comfortable to wear even under the clothing and while you work in your office or home. This penis extender device work similar to Pro Extender by increasing the blood circulation in the penis area.

#3 – Phallosan Forte

phallosan forte

Phallosan Forte is a new addition in the penis extender market that uses spring tension technology along with a sheath to protect the penis head. This device is promoted as one of the most effective and comfortable device on the market.

One of the most unique feature of Phallosan Forte is that it combines features of both extender and penis pump in its mechanism that is not used by any other penis extenders on the market. The device work by putting your penis into the vacuum pump attached by the soft and comfortable head protector.

This gently puts pressure on the head and shaft of the penis to increase the blood circulation and multiplying the tissues. Phallosan Forte comes with lots of options and adjustments that make it convenient for everyone of us.

#4 – Jes Extender

jes extender

Jes Extender was once the most popular choice for male penis extender. It was launched in the year 1995 and since then it has helped over 500,000 men to achieve their desired penis size. Even after being available on the market for over two decades and launch of new entrants, Jes Extender still managed to retain its slot in my list of 7 best penis extender devices.

This is a milestone for any supplement or device. Designed and manufactured in Denmark, Jes Extender uses high quality material in its design that makes it effective and comfortable. This device claims to provide you enlarged penis size, correct curvature, and improved erection.

Jes Extender resembles as a luxurious extender device that is available in various designs and packages that include Original, Lite, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium. All the parts used in the designing are medically graded and proven safe

#5 – SizeGenetics


SizeGenetics is in my list of top-rated best penis extenders because of two major reasons, its popularity and its medical accreditation. It is one such penis enlargement device that has been medically cleared by the FDA to help in increasing penis size and overall sexual performance.

No matter what is your requirement, bigger penis, correct curvature, or improved erection, SizeGenetics is one such device that claims to do each of these. SizeGenetics is designed with high quality, medically approved components and parts.

One of the main feature of this device is that it has been frequently recommended by most surgeons and has been featured on Men’s Health magazine as a solution to improve the penis curvature. The device is claimed to be light weighted and comfortable that can be wore discreetly under the pants for longer and extended periods.

#6 – Male Edge

male edge

Male Edge is a popular and one of the best penis extender devices that is manufactured and marketed by a Danish company, DanaMedic that has an industry experience of over two decades. The company is known to produce some of the quality products that has been extensively popular among the users.

Though the device is claimed to give effective and permanent results, it is found that Male Edge take upto about 6 to 9 months to see noticeable results. The device works by inserting your penis into the device according to the recommendation.

It efficiently designed with soft padding and metallic arms that protects your penile head and shaft. The device is available in three variants Basic, Extra and Pro, where every model is reliable and cost effective. Male Edge is delivered with free shipping to the residents of US and EU.

#7 – PeniMaster Pro

penimaster pro

PeniMaster Pro is a new device that has been designed as a long run penis extension gear. The device is claimed as a super comfortable penis extender that is a combination of vacuum pump and locking ring to make your penis shaft and head safe and comfortable.

This device is different from other penis extenders as it uses uniquely designed attachments for perfect directional tension. Unlike other extender devices that uses side attached tension rods, PeniMaster Pro uses tension rods attached on the tips of the device.

This attachment helps in evenly distributing the pressure rather than at a specific area. This also makes it super comfortable and convenient. One of the best feature of this device is that you can attach it as per your convenience using belt to your waist, over the shoulder, or knee.

What Is A Penis Extender Device?

Penis extenders are devices that are designed to increase your penis size along with improving sexual performance. Initially these extender devices were used by medical professionals to treat peyronie’s disease in males.

But due to it’s positive effects on improvement in the size of the penis, it was introduced in the market for general public as a penis enlargement device.

These devices work by stretching the penis tissues that improves the blood circulation in the penis area. Not all but some of the best penis extenders are found really effective in providing noticeable improvement in penile size.

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

One of the main question that arises in the mind is that how these penis extenders work? It is really very easy to answer and understand. To understand its working process, it is important to understand its structure. These penis extenders are designed with attachments and rods that hold penis from the bottom and head along with comforting the shaft. With correct attachment, the device stretches penis tissues to multiply and regulate improved blood circulation in penile area. Wearing the device for 4 to 6 hours daily can help you in achieving the desired penis size.

Why Should You Buy Penis Extenders?

using a penis extender

The average penis size around the world is about 4-6 inches. But there are some fortunate men who are naturally blessed with huge penis size. For most of us, bigger penis size is not a real concerning issue until we are ignored or taunted by our partner.

This taunting and ignorance decreases the self confidence and therefore it becomes a priority to add some inches to our penis. There are lots of options available in the market such as penis enlargement pills, supplements, pumps, and surgery.

Where some of us hate swallowing pills and supplements, surgery is an option that most us cannot afford and manage due to privacy. Therefore, we are left with one perfect option, penis extender devices that are safe, effective, and affordable compared to other options.


What To Check For Best Penis Extender

If you are planning to buy a penis extender then there are some factors that you must consider to choose the best penis extender for you. These factors are Motive, Comfort, Material, Customer Review, Cost and Money-back guarantee.


One of the initial thing that you must consider before you buy an extender device is your motive or requirement. You must ask yourself that what you really want from the device. Whether its about increasing penis size or just want to correct your penile curvature. Considering the right motive and choosing the device accordingly will give your maximum results.


Second important that you must consider in an extender device is comfort. It is a fact that you need to wear these devices about 4-6 hours daily, therefore if the device is not comfortable, it will irritate you and minimize the output.

Device Material

Being assured about the quality of the material used in the production of the device you are using is very important. After all, you are going to attach it to one of your most important body part. Before buying any device, check that the device is made with high quality, medical grade material.

Customer Reviews

Customer feedback and reviews are one of the most important factor that helps in judging the effectiveness of the product. With real user reviews for the device, you can actually find out that which product works and which one is just creating hoax. Try to check the reviews on the independent platform rather than on the official website.


Usually the best penis extender devices ranges between $150-500. Therefore, it is important that you choose the product according to your pocket along with considering the above mentioned factors.

Check for Money-Back Guarantee

Money-back guarantee is one such tool that ensures you that your money is safe. Most companies offer money-back guarantee to their customers so that if feel unsatisfied with the results, you can immediately claim your money back.

Common FAQs on Best Penis Extenders

penis extenders reviews

Q – Is penis enlargement is the only benefit of using penis extender?

No, some of the top rated penis extender devices not only increases your penile size but also help you in improving erection and penis curvature.

Q – is there any age restriction of using extender devices?

Yes ofcourse, every penis enlargement device manufacturer recommends it to be used only by the male above the age of 18 years. If you are planning to use is early than 18 years, you must consult with your doctor.

Q – How to use a penis extender device?

Almost every extender device works on similar pattern and therefore every device is to be used at same pattern. But it is highly advisable to follow the usage recommendation of the product.

Q – What is the truth about penis extenders side effects?

There are various claims made about the possible side effects of using penis extenders but only possible side effect that I found serious is wrong penis curvature due to incorrect usage of the device.

Q – Are penis extender results permanent?

To be very frank, nothing is permanent here. Companies claim that the results are permanent and it is true that you may not notice any change in the size of the penis but it is possible to see change in the curvature.

Q – Do penis extenders really work?

Yes, the extenders have proven to deliver positive results over the time. Using some of the best penis extender devices will surely give you positive results.

Q – Are penis extenders safe?

Yes, these devices are absolutely safe when used correctly as per recommended usage.

Q – Are penis extenders available for sale on Amazon?

Yes, you can find lot of penis extenders on Amazon and other online stores but it is best to buy these devices from the official website only to ensure that you are getting the legit product.

Alternatives to Penis Extenders

Not everyone likes to use extender devices and therefore consider to look for an alternative. There are some prominent alternatives like supplements, pumps, exercises, and surgery. Here we are going to discuss all these alternatives.


Jelqing is one of the popular penis enlargement exercises that is known to increase penis size and curvature. But there is a problem that to get results out of it, you need to devote enough time, effort and consistency.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are considered as the best alternative to the penis extenders. But penis pumps do not work in increasing penis size. It only helps in improving erection. There are very less evidence of penis enlargement with penis pumps.

Penis Enlargement Surgeries

Yes, most people consider it as the fastest way to add inches to the penis size. But unfortunately, it is not affordable by everyone of us. These surgeries are costly and involve pain and post surgery isolation that most of us cannot afford to manage.

Male Enhancement Supplements

There are some top rated male enhancement supplements that are naturally formulated with herbal ingredients uniquely designed to improve male sexual health that involves improved erection, better ejaculation, and in some cases even penis enlargement.

My Verdict on Best Penis Extender

It is never easy to choose the right product when it is concerned about our health and specially sexual health. Because it is a matter of privacy and we cannot discuss it openly. That’s why I tried to summarize everything that you need to know about penis extenders, factors you must consider while buying, and of course seven best penis extenders in the market so that it get’s easy for you to make your choice.


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