Male Edge Review 2023 – Can a Plastic Extender Work?

Welcome to my Male Edge review – Male Edge is the new and most advanced penis traction device as claimed by DanaLife, a spin-off company of DanaMedic, the maker of the famous Jes-Extender.

As you already know, DanaMedic is the company that released the first penis traction device over a decade ago that helped 100,000 men increase their penis size.

The Male Edge is made from high-grade plastic and does not use spring-loaded tension rods, unlike the Jes-Extender. It is light-weight, stylish, and very affordable compared to SizeGenetics and Jes-Extender.

It is the first traction device which has a mount, click and wear process for ease of use. It also has a traction range of up to 2800 g (99 oz.). Other penis traction devices are only up to 1500 g.

The extension rods of the three packages are only up to 9.5 inches, which I think is a reasonable length, unless of course you want your penis to exceed 10 inches, then you would have to purchase extra rods. It is also clinically tested and proven to increase penis length on average by up to 28% and 19% in girth.

How does it work?

All penis traction devices work the same to increase your penis length and size by pulling it gradually, and with our body’s natural ability to increase under physical strain, it causes the cells to multiply, thus, creating new healthy cells. With your main chambers already expanded, they are now capable to hold more blood, making your penis bigger and girth.

What does the Male Edge include?

The basic Male Edge package has a 2-year warranty and includes a printed manual, interactive training program, club membership, forum access, instruction DVD, ruler, and a rubber strap.

The Male Edge Extra and Pro have the same accessories as the basic except that the Extra has an additional rubber strap, travel bag, and protection pad.


The Male Edge Pro uses a slow start-up method to help men achieve their goal of penis enlargement without putting too much tension on the area at once.

During the first week, the device is used for only an hour each day and with a minimal level of traction, between 8g to 1200g. By week 6 men are using the device at 1200g to 2000g and for 6 hours each day. This alleviates any discomfort associated with first time traction device users and ensures safe and consistent growth.

Ease of Use

Easy to put on, capable of staying put and comfortable to wear – these are some of the most important factors when choosing a penis enlargement device. The patent pending Male Edge Pro does all of this safely while also working as a natural alternative to surgery.

Unlike cheap, inferior brands, Male Edge Pro is extremely lightweight and comfortable to use, weighing in at only 2.1 oz. We found the comfort of Male Edge Pro to be on par with our top-rated extender Size Genetics. It’s important to keep in mind the higher the pressure and the longer the duration, the quicker the gains are noticed.


DanaLife is actually a spin-off of DanaMedic, the company behind the Jes-Extender, the best-selling penis device that set off a firestorm of interest when it was originally released back in the mid 1990s.

The Male Edge is considered by many to be a more advanced, updated and better designed version of the Jes-Extender. Several different versions of the penis traction device are actually available from DanaLife, however, the pro version is the most complete model.

The product uses a double traction technology and the total package features extra rubber straps, replacement pads, cohesive gauze and a pleasant red and black design. Although results will differ based on how much traction is applied to the penis and how often it is used, the average guy will gain about 2 inches in length over a six-month period.

Clinical Studies

DanaLife has done a variety of studies that reviewed the results that men can expect to achieve when using the Male Edge Pro. Most men achieved increases in penis size of about 30% in length and 20% in girth after consistent usage for half-of-a-year.

With regular usage, some men were even able to increase their penis size by 40%. DanaLife studies have also reported that their device was able to successfully fix cases of penis curvature for men who use the device.

Male Edge Review – Does It Work?

Male Edge is one of the many penis enlargement or enhancement programs that broke out in the market in today’s generation. Just like the other products, Male Edge claims to help hopeless men grow their penis in terms of size, length, and width with the aid of penis traction.

This product is derived from the assumption that your manhood can be stretched by increasing the number of cells after the device has been tried and worn. What makes Male Edge nice is the fact that this product is non-surgical and revolutionary.

This is perhaps one of the best-selling penis enlargement products to date. Furthermore, Male Edge is affordable. Comfortable, easy to use and is equipped with the latest innovations to give men hope in making penis growth possible at a very reasonable price.

Double money-back guarantee

The manufacturers of Mae Edge are so confident that their device will work for you that they are offering a double refund guarantee.

To qualify for the offer, you need to log your progress online at least once a week and take some before and after photos with your Male Edge device strapped on with a ruler beside your penis

What makes Male Edge so effective?

The manufacturers of this product have claimed that this penis traction can help increase the penis by 28% and its width up to 19%. Male Edge has been produced after 10 long years of experience by its creators in coming up with effective male enhancement products.

The traction is very simple to use and can easily be manipulated that you can actually control how much pressure or force you want to exert on your penis. You also have the liberty to decide for how long you are going to keep this product worn.

Technically speaking, the patented penis enlarger of this product binds together the penis’ natural growth components. Because human skin in super elastic in nature, the traction will allow the division and multiplication of cells, thus resulting increase in tissues. If that is achieved, expect a longer and bigger penis.

Male Edge Results

Since its invention, thousands of satisfied men have attested to its effectiveness. According to them, you can expect a 5 cm increase in your penis’ length within 4 months. Not only does Male Edge make your penis lengthier, it also helps in correcting slight or mild cases of curvatures in your manhood.

Male Edge is not the first penis extender in the market and may even cost a lot more than the others. However, with its latest innovations, you are guaranteed to have a better and safer experience with Male Edge as compared with the other products.

Male Edge Review – Pros & Cons

The perks of choosing Male Edge are very awesome. First, it comes mainly in three varieties. You can actually choose which version you want to purchase. Might it be basic, Extra and Pro.

If you are not satisfied and convinced with the product, you will are guaranteed to have your money twice back! Unbelievable, isn’t it? And because it is affordable, you can actually purchase it at a very reasonable price of $200.

However, other than the claims made by people who have used, there are no available testimonials on their website. This can be related to the fact that it is still fresh in the market. Another thing, people might not want to try this out because there are no any scientific evidence about Male Edge.


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