Male Edge vs Jes Extender – Which One Is The Best?

Male Edge manufacturers advertise their penis extenders as being better than Jes-Extenders’. Are their devices identical to each other or is one better than the other? Find it out in this Male Edge vs Jes Extender comparison.

Male Edge vs Jes Extender – An Overview

The Male Edge Penis Enlargement Device is manufactured by DanaLife, which is a spin-off company of DanaMedic (who developed the Jes-Extender device). DanaLife claims that their Male Edge device is better than Jes-Extenders’ because it is more comfortable, easier to use, and uses double-traction to enlarge your penis.

Male Edge vs Jes Extender – Comparing On Various Level


Although Male Edge is purported to be more comfortable than Jes-Extender, I did not see anything about their device that would make it superior. It is lightweight and includes a comfort strap, which is rubber. The products marketed by Jes-Extender have nearly the same characteristics.

Ease of Use

The makers of Male Edge claim that their penis enlargement device is easier to use than Jes-Extender. Since it appears to be just like the Jes Extender, it’s difficult to understand why it would be easier to use unless it’s because of the fact that it is lightweight. Jes-Extender advertises a lightweight extender on their site, as well.


Both devices utilize traction to make your penis larger. Traction is a proven penis enlargement technique and works by slowly stretching the tissue cells. The cells eventually divide and multiply, therefore taking up more space. The extra space required for the new cells is what causes your penis to become larger, resulting in increased thickness & length.

No difference here

Male Edge vs Jes Extender – The Similarities

With the exception of the materials used to make the extenders, Male Edge is nearly identical to Jes-Extender. Male Edge makers admit that they modeled their device after the Jes-Extender but their goal was to make it even better. They package their products with few frills, just like Jes-Extender, and they also offer the same type of double-your-money-back guarantee.

Male Edge vs Jes Extender – Packages and Pricing

Basic Retail ($179.00)-Includes extender, rubber strap, ruler, and online training program.

Extra Retail ($199.00)-Includes same extender plus 2 more rubber straps, and protection pad and a travel bag.

Pro Retail ($219.00)-Includes same quality extender device, 4 more rubber straps, 2 more protection pads, cohesive gauze, online training program, customer forum, email support, double money-back guarantee.

Because the price differences among the various Male Edge packages are so insignificant, I believe it would be best to order the Pro Retail package for $219.00.

That package comes with extra pads and straps that you may need in the long run. If you already have them on hand, you won’t have to spend extra money ordering them later. All packages come with online training, customer forums, email support, and double money-back guarantees.

Disadvantages of Male Edge

The most obvious disadvantage I see in regards to ordering the Male Edge extender is the fact that it is a fairly new product and has not been around long enough to judge how safe & effective it will be over long-term use.

It has been on the market for about 2 years now, which means it is still in the testing stage. Although it seems identical to Jes-Extender, it is not backed by the famous Jes-Extender name. Another drawback is that the company does not offer free shipping for any of their products.

Advantages of Male Edge

Because the manufacturers of Male Edge modeled their device after the Jes-Extender, it is undoubtedly a good quality penis extender. According to their website, they put a lot of research into making their device better than Jes-Extender so it should be well designed. Their prices are very reasonable, much more so than Jes-Extender.

Customer testimonials reveal that most men have been very happy with their purchases. Another plus is their double-your-money-back guarantee. You can’t go wrong with Male Edge because if you aren’t satisfied, you will get your money back times two. The fact that Male Edge offers customer forums, email support, and instructional training makes this an even sweeter deal.

My Verdict on Male Edge vs Jes Extender


I rated the Male Edge Penis Extender #5 even though I believe it to be primarily the same as Jes-Extender. The prices on all of their packages are much more reasonable than Jes-Extenders’, which means more men can afford to buy from them.

However, because they have not been in business long enough to build up their reputation as a reliable vendor of penis extenders, I personally would choose Jes-Extender over them if I were looking to purchase that type of device.


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