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One of the best methods for male enhancement is exercises like jelqing and kegel. For most men, it works while for others it fails due to incorrect adaption or other factors. To overcome this problem, companies have designed a male enhancement device that follows these exercise methods to increase your penile size, erection, and sex drive. ProExtender is one such popular and proven addition to the male enhancement device section. This Pro Extender review is going to explore facts about this penis extender device.

What Is Pro Extender Penis Enlargement Device?

Pro Extender is a male enhancement device that has been created through scientific research and studies. The device is designed by a renowned surgeon from Denmark after spending years of his studies on various methods of male enhancement. ProExtender device is claimed to increase your penile size, improve an erection, harder ejaculation, and promote overall sexual pleasure. This device works on the scientific method of penile enlargement through gentle traction to increase blood circulation in the penile area. This process increases the gradual and permanent growth of tissues that increases the penile size and other sexual performances.

About The Manufacturer

In 1994, a doctor created this device but it was originally used for medical purpose. The device was used to treat Peyronie disease, a condition where penis shape gets unusual. This device was able to correct penis shape without painful surgery. Due to its success and convenient to use, it was launched in the market as a penis extender device, Pro Extender. Due to its medical roots, this penis extender device gained immense popularity in both health community and medical experts.

Leading Edge Health is the company that manufactures Pro Extender device. This US based company is a very popular name that has created various natural supplements and products for sexual health, lifestyle, and beauty. In its long run of 15 years, the company has manufactured various popular sexual health products such as VigRx Plus and Semenax, other than Pro Extender.

Main Features Of Pro Extender System

proextender review

Pro Extender is one such penis enlargement device that has been duly approved by the FDA as a medical device. The device has been licensed and approved to be sold in the market. Here are some of the main features associated with ProExtender device.

  • Manufactured by a experienced company that has produced various sexual health products
  • This penis extender device has been medically approved and clinically tested to improve penis size
  • Being initially created for medical purpose, Pro Extender is certified as a medical device
  • The results delivered with the usage of this device are permanent and long lasting
  • The device helps in improving the penile curvature and increase in the size

How Does ProExtender Work?

Pro Extender device or any other penis extender device uses almost similar technique to increase the penile size and health and it is Jelqing. In this technique, the penis is gently pulled and stretched, forward and backward. With Pro Extender, you need to attach the device to your penis and adjust it as per your comfort level for gentle stretching.

This process of gentle pulling and stretching helps in expanding the cells. Due to this expansion, new tissues are stimulated that makes the penis grow larger and longer. But of results, you need to have patience and commitment. It may take upto 6 month to show you full results when you use it as recommended. But this time period is very short when it comes to permanent results.

How To Use ProExtender Properly? The Instructions

Using Pro Extender is not too hard. The company give you manual that you can follow to assemble it. If you have ever used any penis enlargement device, you will quickly understand how to use Pro Extender.

How to put on Pro Extender

While you are assembling the device, be very careful about the size of the device. Keep the device size slightly longer to your unerected penis. You can also remove or add extension bars to change the length of the device. Now you need to attach the provided silicone strap to the device and insert the penis into it. Make sure that your penis tip is fitted in the silicon ring. You can tighten and adjust the device to your comfort level.

How it feels

While you are wearing the Pro Extender device, you will feel slight tension on your penis. But it doesn’t make you uncomfortable. The device adapts the angle and movement of the penis and constantly adapts it. If you want o remove the device, you smoothly slide it out.

To make it more comfortable, you can add protection pad to the device. Though it will not affect the grip to the penis, it will make you experiencing less friction. It vary from people to people as some men put the protection pad everytime they use the device, while other use it only for a sometime to get adjustable to the device.

How long to use

It is recommended by the company to use Pro Extender penis enlargement device for minimum 4 hours and not more than 12 hours a day. The device is unnoticeable under loose clothing therefore you can wear it for maximum hours recommended. Due to its unnoticeable feature, you can wear it anytime and anywhere. You can wear it at home, in office while working or while you commute. Make sure that you don’t wear it while you are working out hard or while you are sleeping.

Pro Extender Side Effects

proextender side effects

When you are using penis enlargement devices like Pro Extender, it important to pay more attention on how your body is reacting over it. Though there are no serious consequences associated with the use of Pro Extender device, some discomfort is normal to be experienced in initial days of use. But this discomfort will convert into comfort after few days when you get usual to it.

Some users reported that they experienced soreness and pain in the penis, therefore if such problem occurs for more than a week, you should reduce the traction amount. Also improper or unrecommended usage may lead to unusual curvature to the penis. Therefore, make sure that you follow that usage guidelines of the device. Following precautions and recommendations with never lead to any possible side effects with medically tested traction devices like Pro Extender.

Pros & Cons


  • Helps in increasing penile girth and length
  • It improves erection and ejaculation
  • Provides ultimate satisfaction while sexual intercourse
  • The device is totally comfortable without any pain
  • Improves the overall penile curvature and strength
  • Non-invasive methods of penis enlargement
  • No serious side effects reported
  • Manufactured by an experienced company
  • The device is clinically tested and certified
  • Delivers permanent and long-lasting results


  • For some men, the straightening might be unavoidable
  • Improper or unrecommended usage might affect your penis curvature
  • The price is quite high compared to other devices

Pro Extender Reviews by User

proextender reviews

ProExtender is extremely popular and longest running penis enlargement device in the market. In its long run, the product has gained immense popularity and huge customer base. These users have rated Pro Extender and left reviews about their experience with it. The product has received lots of positive reviews on various platforms and forums. Although, there are some unsatisfied customers also with negative reviews but it happens with every product as no product can satisfy its user completely. You can click here to check some testimonials for ProExtender.

Some FAQs on Pro Extender

Does Pro Extender really work?

To make sure, Pro Extender is not a device by MCU that will give you extraordinary results overnight. But being medically tested and approved penis enlargement device, it will surely give you results if used in regularly and according to recommendations.

Are ProExtender results permanent?

This is the most important feature about this traction device that it gives you results that are long lasting and permanent. Worked on scientific pattern, this device give natural expansion to cells and tissues that increases the penis size and curvature permanently.

For how much time should I wear Pro Extender Penis Enlargement Pump?

According to the company recommendation, you are advised to use it for 4-12 hours a day to see noticeable results and changes to your penis size.

What results can I expect with Pro Extender?

When used as per recommendation and regularly, you can notice a decent increase in the size and girth of the penis within six months. This is average result period, some might experience it early while for other it may take some more time.

Will Pro Extender increase my libido and sperm count?

The company doesn’t claim about increasing the libido or sperm count as it is a penis extender device. Therefore, to be wise, do not expect such extra results with it. Although, you can use pills like VigRx Plus and Semenax Pills along with Pro Extender. These two pills are also manufactured by Male Edge Health.

Are there any before and after pictures and videos for Pro Extender results?

Yes, there are lots of before and after pictures available to prove the results of the device. Click here to check some pictures of before and after effects.

What parts and accessories I will get with Pro Extender?

Along with the device, you will get elongation bars, silicon strapes, half inches theatre and metal carry bag.

Will I get manual PDF for using Pro Extender machine correctly?

Yes, with every pack you will get a manual of instruction for using the device correctly and get best results.

Can I find ProExtender for sale on Amazon?

No, the company doesn’t sell their product on other online stores like Amazon and Walmart.

Is the shipping of Pro Extender discreet?

Yes, the company understands the privacy associated with the purchase of penis enlargement products and therefore ships the product discreetly. Even it is not blatantly shown in the credit card statement.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes the company offers 6 months money back guarantee to all their customers.

Is There Any ProExtender Coupon Code?

Currently company is not offering any coupon code or discount code on the product. You can click here to check for available discounts codes and offers on buying Pro Extender from the official website.

Where To Buy Pro Extender Penile Enlarger?  Pricing

proextender review

The best place to buy a ProExtender male enhancement device is to order it from the official website as it guarantees you a legit product without any scam. Ordering ProExtender from the official website also allows you to avail of running discount offers. The device is available in two packages on the official website with huge discounts.

Original ProExtender – $299.95 (You save $300)

This package includes one ProExtender device along with a comfortable strap and elongation bars.

Deluxe ProExtender – $399.95 (You save $300)

This package includes a deluxe device along with elongation bars, half inches theatre, silicon strap, comfortable strap, and a metal carry box.

My Thoughts On Pro Extender Review

In my words, those who are searching for a penis enlargement device for permanent solution, Pro Extender is the final stop to them. Though there are many other penis extenders available in the market, but they cannot match the quality and effectiveness of Pro Extender.

Being clinically tested and medically researched, this device is the best available extender in the market as per me. Though it take long time to deliver results, but it is usual with any penis enlargement device as it works naturally. Overall, I am here to review and recommend, the final decision is to made by you. So, be wise in making your choice.

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