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Having a baby is an exciting time in your life, but you may be wondering how to make your vagina tight after having a baby. How to tighten your vagina could be on your mind a lot because you feel like your vagina is loose, and you are not satisfying your partner. You don’t have to feel like that anymore. There are things you can do to regain the tightness in your vagina.

What Not To Do

If you have just had your baby, you do not have to rush back into having sex. Stop thinking about how to make your vagina tight after having a baby as much because there is plenty of time. I understand that you want to have sex, but if you damage your vaginal tissue, you could cause yourself some more serious problems. This is not going to help your goal of having a tighter vagina.

You shouldn’t have sex before you are approved by your doctor. Usually by week 6, you should be able to have sex, but sometimes if you are not healing properly you may have to wait even longer.

What To Do

If you have waited long enough, and you still feel like your vagina is not tight enough, you should look into how to do vaginal exercises. Sometimes your doctor will have already spoken to you about doing kegel exercises before you had the baby or after the baby was born. Kegel exercise is valuable and can keep you from having problems such as vaginal prolapse and a loose vagina.

Sometimes women find it helpful to use vaginal exercisers. These can be helpful if you can not seem to “get a grip” on the exercises without using one. Sometimes getting the hang of the exercises can be difficult when you are just starting out. Some women find they need to add a little something extra by using vaginal weights to help train their vaginal muscles.

The one product that I highly recommend since it is remarkably easy and effective is called V Tight Gel. This product is a cream, has been clinically proven and is safe for use whenever you want to make your vagina tighter.

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