Total Testosterone vs Free Testosterone – Compared 2022

There are two types of testosterone: total testosterone and free testosterone. What is the difference between them? To find out, we will compare total testosterone vs free testosterone one on one.

A lot of men try to figure out why something doesn’t work right so they can “fix” it. Men who are having problems in the bedroom may spend a lot of time on the internet looking for answers to their problems. As time goes on, more and more people will be looking for information about testosterone levels in men. There is a term called “free testosterone” that one can learn more about if they go a little deeper. From here, it should be easy to figure out, right?

The answer isn’t really that simple. If you look at everything, you can clearly see that some things are easier to understand than other ones. And testosterone levels in men is also one of the things that is hard to understand. In fact, it can be very difficult to understand. So, here’s a look at the difference between total and free testosterone, what the numbers mean, and why it’s important.

Is testosterone produced by females?

difference between total and free testosterone
difference between total and free testosterone

Aside from its role in sexual function and muscle growth, testosterone has far-reaching effects on the body of both men and women.

Aside from the testicles, the ovaries and adrenal glands, testosterone is created by the body via precursor hormones. Here we’ll focus on how testosterone, which is commonly referred to as the “man hormone,” affects men.

The cycle of testosterone’s life is called:

As boys reach puberty and the teenage years, testosterone levels rise and change their bodies from childlike to strong and healthy. People have a lot of energy and strong libidos are often on show. Of course, this is all just in time for people to become interested in sexuality, which often leads to relationships and the birth of children.

Then, as men get older, testosterone levels go down a lot. Today, even though we don’t know why, we are seeing some men lose weight at a younger age than we would have thought a few decades ago. When you get older, you don’t always see your height go down. There must be a reason for this, though. Younger and younger men are going to the doctor for help because their testosterone levels are dropping and they have bouts of erectile dysfunction. It can be very helpful to measure testosterone levels in men to help diagnose not only sexual dysfunction, but also a lot of other things.

Total Testosterone vs Free Testosterone: What’s the difference?

Almost all of the testosterone the body makes is bound to either sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG) or albumin. “Bound testosterone” is the term for this. This is called “free testosterone.” It’s the 2% that’s left.

Testosterone that isn’t bound together or “free” is what connects to receptors in the cells of the body’s cells. When a cell takes in free testosterone, it can do things like make new cells in the bones and muscles. A lot of secondary sexual characteristics that men have are made when they have a lot of free testosterone in their bodies. These things include things like facial hair and a more husky voice.

If you want to figure out how much testosterone is in your body, you need to know how much total testosterone there is. While some testosterone tests only look at total testosterone, they may not be as useful as they were thought to be at one time. 🙂 Here’s why:

It’s normal for bound testosterone to have a 98 percent ratio, but there can be exceptions. Tests that only look at total testosterone levels don’t take into account excessive bonding to either SHBG or albumin. Here’s why it’s important. The possibility of excessive bondage means that it is possible to have normal levels of total testosterone but not enough free testosterone to do its job. Too little free testosterone can cause poor muscle growth, irritability, less sex drive, and a whole host of other problems that one might not think to link to too little free testosterone.

So, even though total testosterone levels may be healthy, low levels of free testosterone could make it hard to diagnose and treat certain illnesses. Some people don’t need more testosterone. It’s possible they don’t need as many things that convert testosterone into other things like oestrogen. This is why it may be very important to check for free testosterone levels, not just total testosterone levels alone.

Increasing Free Testosterone Levels

There are two ways to raise your free testosterone levels, and both of them work. People who exercise or take testosterone supplements usually see an increase in total testosterone levels. This means that free testosterone levels will also go up. Another way is to cut down on the amount of SHBG bound testosterone.

While the ageing process naturally makes SHBG bonds stronger, there are other things that can speed up the process. It is thought that levels of certain hormones like insulin and growth hormone can change how well SHBG bonds. Estrogen and thyroid hormones are also thought to play a role. There are a lot of vitamins and herbs that are thought to lower SHBG, like vitamin D and boron.

Hormonal Imbalances and Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone is clearly important to a man’s ability to have sex with other people. Erectile dysfunction (ED) and a lack of libido can be caused by imbalances in testosterone levels. However, testosterone may be just one of a lot of things that cause ED. In future articles, we will look into more of those factors. We’ll talk about this and other ways men can stay young and healthy at any age in future articles.

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