How To Increase Sexual Stamina And Performance After 40s?

You are not alone here who is searching for a way to improve sexual stamina and performance. There are lots of people like you who are in search of immediate help. There are lots of male enhancement supplements in the market who promise to improve your sexual health and performance after the age of 40. Most of them are really effective, but there are some tips that you can incorporate with these supplements to improve your results. Here are some methods to increase sexual stamina and performance.

How To Increase Sexual Stamina & Performance?

how to increase sexual stamina in men


Exercises are the great way to improve your physical health and performance. But these physical workouts also have a good effect on your sexual health. Daily workout and exercises maintain the healthy blood circulation. Improved blood circulation in penile area increases the oxygen supply that helps in rejuvenating the tissues and cells for better stamina and performance.


If you seriously want to increase your sexual stamina, you need to focus on healthy diet. Foods that are rich source of antioxidant and amino acids helps in improving the overall sexual health. Foods like broccoli, peppers, apples, and watermelon are good sexual stamina booster foods that you need to add in your daily diet.

Delay Gels

There are many of us who need to an instant boost in their sexual performance. But it is not possible with diet and exercises. Even the male enhancement supplements do need some time to show prominent results. Fortunately, there are delay gels like VigRx Oil that are specially designed to give instant results. This oil is safe to be used along with male enhancement supplements.


Omega-3 is a fatty acid that is very essential to boost your mental health, immune system and sleep quality. Commonly found in fishes like salmon and tuna, Omega-3 is very effective in promoting joint pain and heart health. But very few people know that this fatty acid is also helpful in boosting sexual stamina and performance in both males and females.

Reduce Stress

Stress is a silent killer that is silently killing your physical, mental, and sexual health. With increased stress, your blood pressure also raises that can be cause for sexual ailments like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and low stamina. Therefore, if you want to increase sexual stamina and performance, you need to control your stress level through yoga and meditation.

Stop Smoking

Another silent killer in this list is smoking. Everyone is aware of the side effects and dangerous consequences associated with smoking. It has adverse effect on cardiovascular health and breathing problem. But another dangerous consequence of smoking is decrease in sexual health and performance. You need to stop smoking immediately if you want to increase your sexual stamina and performance.


Everyone is aware of bad effects of drinking alcohol but do you know that excess consumption of alcohol also decreases your sexual performance. Excess alcohol consumption affect your sexual health by increasing your body weight, reduced blood circulation, decreased heart health, and decreased libido.


Do you sleep for less time period or if you sleep late night, then this might not only affect your mental and physical health but it may also affect your sexual health. Poor sleep pattern decreases your blood circulation that ultimately affect your sexual libido. Therefore, you want to have healthy sexual performance, you need to have healthy sleep for about 7-8 hours daily.

Best Supplement To Increase Sexual Stamina

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As I mentioned earlier, there are lots of male enhancement supplements available in the market but only few of them actually help in improving your sexual health. One of the best supplement that helps in improving sexual stamina and performance is Max Performer. It is a herbal supplement that is formulated with 100% natural ingredients. Max Performer promises to give you increased erection, sexual stamina, endurance, and performance.

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