Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Low testosterone can occur for many different reasons-stress, age, and inactivity, to name a few. The treatments vary as much as the reasons that this frustrating condition occurs. There are many great treatment options out there, some naturally, some treatments found through your doctor, and some by using supplements.

Some common signs of low testosterone are feeling weaker and generally more fatigued, feeling depressed or uninterested in activities you once used to enjoy, and a decline in your interest for sex. Now, these are not definitive factors. They must all be considered with all other factors including genetics, other medicines you are currently taking, family history, and current health.

The best treatment through a man’s doctor for low testosterone depends on the reason he is seeking help. If the man is trying to conceive a baby with his partner, a good option may be testosterone injections, taken by the man every few weeks. These injections stimulate the production of sperm and their ability to move and swim.

When fertility is not a concern, the best method for increasing testosterone through one’s doctor is either a daily testosterone gel that is applied, or a patch that is worn. Since these methods are used on a daily basis, the man’s testosterone level can remain steady.

A fairly new method of receiving testosterone therapies is testosterone pellets. These tiny pellets are implanted under the man’s skin of the buttocks. A steady dose of testosterone is released for about three to four months.

A good suggestion for overall health is to maintain a balanced life. This includes eating a well-balanced diet, full of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, beans and legumes, low fat dairy, and whole grain carbohydrates.


In addition to a healthy diet, a consistent, challenging exercise regimen is needed for optimal health, especially when it comes to a man’s muscles. Exercise routines should consist of four to five days per week of varied aerobic and strength training exercises, varied to keep the man’s muscles engaged and challenged.

Lastly is mental health. Mental health is so important to a man’s overall health. Men tend to internalize things, so it is important for men to depressurize, so to speak. Men usually aren’t big talkers, especially about feelings, so find other ways to distress. This may take the form of exercising or performing challenging crossword puzzles.

All of these are great techniques to use to increase testosterone levels. But sometimes you need an extra boost when other methods are not working as effectively as you want. Or maybe you’re ready for a quick boost to get you started on your new workout routine, help you get through your day at work, or help you have more stamina for your love life.

That’s where Testogen can help. Testogen has many natural ingredients, such as B vitamins, Selenium (an important mineral), and Ginseng Extract, just to name a few. These compounds are great at increasing energy levels, burning extra fat, increasing libido levels, and removing toxins from the body.

Testogen can be used from the comfort of your own home, without having to take trips to the doctor. It’s also easy to take since it is in pill form instead of through an injection.

So if you are ready for a safe, natural, and effective boost to your testosterone level, be sure and give Testogen a try. It will give you great results and won’t leave you disappointed.

By Brian Kramer

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